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Forensically Speaking

Jun 13, 2018

Welcome to Forensically Speaking, a podcast covering forensic accounting and technology topics for professionals in the legal, insurance and corporate markets. In this episode, we discuss the importance of measuring economic damages in legal disputes. Our guest, Jeff George, has been a forensic accountant for over a decade and provides deposition and trial testimony in a variety of legal cases.

As with many things in life, it’s often all about the money. But in a legal dispute, calculating the financial impact of the case and being able to relay that clearly to the jury are key. That is when the financial experts are brought in. The role of any financial expert is to come up with their own independent calculation – regardless of who hires them. More specifically, a damages expert is hired to quantify the lost profits, extra expense and other financial damages that are a direct result of the alleged actions in a case. Hear what Jeff has to say about when to bring in the financial expert in a case.